Saturday, January 26, 2008


David (who is okay) got in a serious car accident last week. It was pouring rain and he was driving home on the freeway. A driver in the fast lane lost control of his truck and crashed into David's car. They careened and spun across three lanes before crashing into the guard rail. Miraculously, as this was a Los Angeles freeway that's always busy, the cars in the other lanes were able to get out of the way, so nobody else was involved in the accident. David's car was smashed on both sides but he was fine. The truck driver and his wife also walked away, shaken, but safe. The truck driver was horrified and weeping. He kept saying, "I could have killed you. We could have all been killed."

David drives a Lexus and I honestly think it saved his life, as it's such a strong, safe vehicle. Had he been in a compact car or a less sturdy vehicle, he would probably not have made it home that day.

Please drive carefully, everybody, and be safe.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am sick...

I am sick... in the literal sense, as in "I need chicken soup" kind of sniffling, coughing up a lung, being too stuffed up to sleep, looking at the world through red watery eyes kind of sick. Ugh.

I am sick... of waiting. Our agency updated the family portion of their site today and said that 2009 (yes, 0-NINE) will be a good year. Yes, we are only nine days into 2008 but apparently things won't pick up for another year. Meaning that the wait will continue to lengthen and we may be lucky to go to China this year.

I am sick... of the uncertainty. We chose China because we really wanted another girl and we wanted a baby girl The wait at that time was six months and had been for some time. The average age referred was around 11-12 months. We qualified for AYAP. First the wait changed, then there were more boys referred, and now toddlers are being referred to people who qualify (and requested) a baby. Suddenly I have to worry about being referred a toddler boy!!

I want to get into bed and pull the covers over my head. Wake me up when it's time to go to China. Blech.