Tuesday, December 27, 2005

We are expectant parents...

Ariel's mei mei (little sister) is somewhere in this "ultrasound" photo! And there's possibly a second me mei hiding in there, too.
This process feels a lot like pregnancy.
First trimester: The paperchase is the most difficult stage, filled with worry and anxiety. All that anxiety can also make you very queasy.
Second trimester: Once the dossier goes to China,we will enter a period of waiting and wondering what Kavanna (and Mikayla, if we're lucky enough to get twins) looks like, wondering what she'll be like, and preparing the nursery, oooohing and ahhhhing over baby clothes, stuff like that.
Third trimester: Once the referral comes we'll only have a couple of months to go and the waiting will be unbearable!!! When I was pregnant with Ariel, who was born in the beginning of January, the last months of the year seemed as long as summer vacation did when I was a kid. In other words, time slowed and each day went on forever.
Labor and Delivery: The trip to China will be like labor (only a lot more fun!) and then finally we'll meet our daughter or daughters!! Then we'll promptly forget the worry, queasiness, and waiting, because it will have been worth every moment!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ladybug Luck

Ladybugs are a symbol of luck in many cultures (who knew?) and particularly in the Chinese adoption community. They are said to represent good luck, health and fortune. In adoption lore, it is said that ladybug sightings often precede a positive event, like sending a dossier to China or receiving a referral. A few days ago David spotted a ladybug keychain at a store, with hearts for its spots. He bought it for me as a gift. The next day (also his birthday, very auspicious) our agency told us that our dossier was being sent to the Chinese consulte for authentication, the very last step before it goes to China. This should take only a couple of weeks. We're almost there!!! Yay for ladybugs!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Making a difference...


This amazing, and alternately hopeful and heartbreaking book, was given to us by our friend Robin. All proceeds of this book go to Half The Sky, a charity that benefits Chinese orphans.

When we started sharing our adoption journey, many of our friends and family didn't really know much about the abandoned girls in China. Once they learned more about the plight of these girls, they expressed a wish to help but wondered, short of adoption, how could they make a difference? One way is by donating to a charity that helps these orphans. Our favorite charity is Half The Sky, which provides care and resources to girls throughout China by building and maintaining schools and daycare centers where the children build their educational and social skills. HTS also provides support for girls who are too old to be adopted (those past 5 rarely are adopted and at 14 they become ineligible for adoption) by training them for jobs so they have a chance at leading productive lives. Even a small donation will make a difference. In this season of giving, we hope you will include Half The Sky (donations are tax deductible). One person really can make a difference, trite but true!

$25 will pay for the gift of infant nurture or preschool education for a child for one month.
$50 will pay for the loving care of a HTS Nanny for one month.
$75 will pay the costs of private tutors for a HTS Big Sister.
$100 will buy a month's worth of art supplies for a HTS preschool.
$150 will pay the costs of documentation for an entire HTS preschool classroom for one month.
$200 or $250 will pay a HTS teacher's salary for one month.
$300 will sponsor a child.
$500 will fill a new HTS preschool with books and music.
$1,000 will build a lasting endowment.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thank you, Madeleine!

Our friend Madeleine (who is 9 years old) gave this beautiful book to us. This is one of Maddy's favorite books and it is her personal copy. She wanted Kavanna to have the very book that belonged to her, not just another copy of the same book. She signed the inside cover and asked us to add Kavanna's name under hers. We can't wait to read it to Kavanna. We are so moved by Madeleine's very big heart!!!! What a beautiful gesture!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Animal Kingdom Adoption

Adoption can cross racial lines and even species lines! This is a baby hippo named Owen who was orphaned in the tsunami, sticking close to his new mommy (or possibly daddy... not sure which gender the tortoise is) . The 100 year old tortoise adopted Owen and they have been inseparable ever since. Awwww..... You can see another cuddly and cute picture of these two at Becca's blog, too!