Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Princess Kavanna at a princess birthday party!!

She doesn't really know the story of Cinderella... she wanted to go as Cinderella for Halloween because she liked the dress!

At Kavanna's third birthday party...

Princess Cake for the birthday princess!

Birthday Girl Kavanna at her party! Wheeeeeee!

Daddy, Kavanna and Mommy (Ariel took the photo)

"Look, I can do the splits!"

For some reason, pumpkin patches brought out the exhibitionist in Kavanna.

Face painting at the Halloween Festival (she's a flower).

Kavanna is three years old!! She's a feisty, smart (really, really, smart... scary smart!), affectionate, loving little girl with a ready laugh, who loves to play with her friends, to read (especially the newly discovered Mo Willems books), and to dress up. Her favorite color is pink, pink and more pink! She has a huge crush on Ariel's boyfriend, Nick, whose only competition is Diego from the Nickelodeon TV show. She recently informed us, "I'm crushing on Diego."

Our family is complete and we are having so much fun together!!