Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Soldiering... Er, Shouldering On...

This is my new diaper bag.    It's a shoulder bag... and also converts to a backpack.  It's got all kinds of very snazzy built-in pockets and other stuff, like an attached changing pad, that also detaches.  Basically, if James Bond had a diaper bag, this would be it.  This is the Aston Martin of diaper bags.

I bought it feeling defiant, as if to prove to myself that there really will be an end to this war... I mean, wait.  The last abysmal round of referrals were quite devastating and I felt quite defeated.  This very trendy (yet classic) diaper bag is my proclamation to myself that there really is an end to this wait.

And one day I'll be using this diaper bag for an actual baby (she wrote, willing it to happen).

Meanwhile my first baby is my height and wearing my clothes, which means that her wardrobe has effectively doubled and mine has diminished considerably.  What a life!