Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our first cruise...

Getting ready to board the ship...
Two sick girls on the mend, at the end of the cruise
The view of Cabo San Lucas from our stateroom balcony
Our ship (on our way to the beach in Mazatlan)
Swimming with dolphins in Cabo

Eating a raw coconut at Stone Island in Mazatlan
One of the formal nights on the ship

A restaurant in Puerta Vallarta (David was drinking a lot of.... Pepsi)

DAY ONE: Ariel got a kidney infection on Monday and went on antibiotics.
When we went to the childcare center, the woman there was distinctly unfriendly to Kavanna. She glared at her, which made Kavanna cry. The woman said to David, who was holding Kavanna, "Take her over there until she calms down."
From that point on she refused to go to the kids club, which was a huge part of why we chose to go to the cruise. We had no time for ourselves the entire trip, except for one dinner when Lori looked after her.

DAY TWO & THREE: Ariel was able to swim with dolphins on Tuesday in Cabo but the next day she felt sick all day while we were at the beach in Mazatlan. I took her back to the ship doctor and she was diagnosed with the flu, necessitating different antibiotics.

She was in bed in our room, not the one she was to share with Lori (she wanted to be with Mom while she was sick), so David slept on the floor the entire cruise and I slept with the girls in the bed) until yesterday. Except for swimming with dolphins in Cabo, and a day at the beach in Mazatlan when she felt terrible, she had zero vacation.

DAY FOUR (THANKSGIVING): Kavanna got a 104 degree fever so we spent Thanksgiving in the ship medical facilities. She had an IV with antibiotics, cold packs, and two nebulizer treatments, plus an xray that determined she had bronchitis, probably gotten from Ariel.
The whole time, this Romanian nurse was telling Kavanna, "Stop crying! You are ugly when you cry!"

We got back to find there was a problem with our backyard sprinkler, that went off despite being turned off, and our yard is flooded... And then, Kavanna got diarrea, probably because of the antibiotics.

Generally it was a disaster of epic proportions. It was so bad that it comes all the way around to being funny.

Next vacation, we're staying home!


mei linv said...

I have to admit, I did laugh. It's like a bad, bad B movie. But, I'm sorry to hear Ariel, and Kavannah were sick. And, David sleeping on the floor, - good thing it wasn't your anniversary. I knew there was a reason why we haven't taken a cruise. Btw, I hope that mean old care center person was reported. I know Li Na probably would have told her off in Chinese.. Take care...

Alyson and Ford said...

So bad! I am very sorry! We have never been on a cruise and had looked forward to going on one someday. I will remember your experience! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Dogwood said...

Hi Nina! Zoe here. Well you sure had quite the cruise and then some when you arrived home! How much more worse could it have gone??? Your patience, love, caring was surely being tested! The Romanian nurse was ghastly to Kavanna! Your intentions for a good cruise with the kid club in theory was great though! You will find another good place to vacation next time! Happy Belated Birthday to Kavanna! What date was it?
Alexa soon turns 4 yr old on Jan 15th. She got a Plan Toys Chalet dollhouse from Santa this Christmas along with lots of doll furniture and Plan Toys dolls! Can you tell I like "Plan Toys"???!! Thinking she will like a large bed and high chair for her other big dolls so that will happen on her BD. Alexa is wary of getting too close to Santa. Will send you some photos. I envy you that you can get lots of really cool girly dresses on Kavanna! Alexa likes plain and simple, and I am pushing it even with a "jumper"! She has some really nice dresses in her closet begging to be worn- sigh! Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

Dogwood said...

Eek- reread my comments after posting, and eesh, my grammar skills over the holidays have slipped! Sorry about that! Insert "were" for "was"! Zoe

Laura said...

Oh, no...what a shame for your first cruise experience! So sorry, Nina. We took Kristina on her first cruise 4 weeks after bringing her home and we were blessed that all went fine.

Don't give up...but I totally understand waiting out cruises awhile for your next vacation!

Hope all is well!


Debbie Sauer said...

I can't believe how much Kavannah has changed!! Blessings