Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kavanna had a lot of fun on her first Easter Egg Hunt today... What else does a nice little Chinese Jewish girl have to do on a beautiful Sunday morning during Passover??  The dress she's wearing was Ariel's.  I saved it for fifteen years.  I just KNEW I'd have another daughter!!

Kavanna and David checking out all the eggs she gathered.

David & Dave... quite a look, dontcha think?
Our friends Dave and Di who are waiting for Sophie.  I can't wait for their referral!!

And here are some photos from the Seder we had at our house on Wednesday night.  Kavanna's first Seder!!

Nina and her two daughters!!  Ariel is now TALLER than I am (and I'm 5'7").  Yikes.
BFF Elisabeth with me and Kavanna... and yes, that is a fork Kavanna is holding in her grubby hand.  Another yikes.  
Kavanna in mid-whirl... she's in constant motion!
Gathering before the big dinner... my friend Andy (in orange) probably just made a joke, which is why Lisa is doubling over, hopefully in laughter and not pain.

Happy Holidays to all.  

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

morning photo shoot

"Again with the camera??  Mommy (or as Kavanna calls me, "Da Da"), enough!" 

If someone asks Kavanna where Mommy is, she'll point to me or hug me, but she calls me "Da Da".  I'm getting a complex :)  She calls Ariel "Ay-El" and she calls David "Da Da".  She also notifies us when she has a poopy diaper and barks when she sees a dog.  She's a constant source of entertainment.
"You want me to smile?  Is that it?"

Update on Ariel:  she has a giant boot cast thing on her leg and has to go to physical therapy for six weeks, but the silver lining is she doesn't have to go to P.E. so she's happy.  The boot simply does not go with her outfits, and it's heavy to clunk around in, but she's got a good attitude about it.  

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hectic few weeks

"It's early. I'm tired. I'm teething. Why do you want to take my photo?"

"I'd really rather go back to sleep. Ahhhhh, this carseat is really comfy..."

"What, you're still there? Why must you torture me like this?"

"I'm hiding. Now you can't see me and I can't see your silly camera!"

"Okay, I'll favor you with one small hint of a smile...."

I've been MIA because we've been really busy.
Ariel fell (while walking - yes, walking) and tore a ligament in her ankle, so she's was lying on the couch all weekend and in a lot of pain. She has crutches and needs to be in a brace for a month. Then she got the stomach flu and has been nauseous and home from school for two days. It basically sucks to be her right now.

Kavanna has molars coming in and she's NOT happy about that. Otherwise she's doing great, starting to say a lot of words (okay, only we can understand that when she says, "I" and points to the fireplace she means "fire" and when she puts her hands up and says, "Ahhh" she means "hot" but she's talking, I say!!).